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Welcome to the RPA

Join an Association that understands you, supports you, and provides a thriving community for its members. Wherever you are on your journey with Repatterning, you are welcome here! You will be in the good company of like-minded people who know about the power of this work and want to share it.

Benefits of joining

  • Meet and network with other members
  • Attend our annual online Conference with amazing guest speakers
  • Take part in other annual events
  • Access our downloads, such as the Embrace Success Repatterning
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Share tips with your colleagues on all aspects of this work
  • Write for The Repatterning Journal
  • Lead World Peace Hologram events
  • Join monthly group Repatternings
  • List your services in our Practitioner Directories

Join today!

Associates are non-voting members who may join committees and groups, receive membership discounts for events and products, and be an active part of our community. 

Annual Membership: $99

Repatterning Practitioner Members  may vote, join committees and groups, receive membership discounts for events and products, be an active part of our community, hold executive office on the RPA Board, mentor other Practitioners, participate in monthly group Repatternings, publish articles in The Repatterning Journal, list their services in the  Practitioner Directory, be listed in the membership directory, trade sessions with other practitioners and host World Peace Hologram events. 

Annual Membership: $200

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