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RPA Certified practitioners have attended and completed the first five Approved Resonance Repatterning seminars:  The Fundamentals, Transforming Primary Patterns, Transforming Unconscious Patterns, Transforming Chakra Patterns and Transforming Meridian Patterns and successfully completed the RPA  certification process of demonstrating competence. A recommendation for certification made by qualified RPA Designated Observers has been accepted and approved by the Certifying Board on behalf of the RPA board of directors. The practitioner maintains their certification status with annual re-take course requirements, abiding by the RPA code of ethics and is a member in good standing. 

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Student Practitioner Members

RPA Student Practitioners have competed the required training of the first five Resonance Repatterning seminars to enroll in our certification program. Our certification program is a period of time where students are gaining competency in the process and practice of giving sessions. Practitioners listed in our membership directory are at different stages of this process and may come to this work with other training or qualifications.

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The Repatterning Journal – Articles by Practitioners

The Repatterning Journal is a publication of the Repatterning Practitioners Association. Our practitioners write about the potential useful applications of the Resonance Repatterning system, related topics of alternative approaches to health  and energy work, or share resources of interest to those on the path to self-healing and transformation. Either follow the blog at or Subscribe to our newsletter round up of recent articles. 


World Peace Hologram (WPH) – Group Sessions Facilitated by Volunteer Practitioners (mostly) online:

Free Group Repatternings to Create Peace in our Hearts for Peace in the World

World Peace Hologram is hosted at our micro site . The public is invited to join free group proxy sessions intended to create a vibration of peace in the world. Our premise is that when each of us resonates with peace, we strengthen the vibration for peace in the world.

Experience a Repatterning session and get to know our practitioners.  There is someone for you to work with!

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