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Volunteers For Our Current Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Projects

RPA Board of Directors / Executive Committee

Carolyn Winter
P: 416 763-6306 (Canada)

Sophia Avramides
Vice President
P: +55 11 3721-7050
WhatsApp:  +55 11 99981-1219 (Brazil)

Susan Pie'
P: 609 581-3539  (USA)

Kristyn Berry
P:  (USA)

Isabel Thomas
Board Member & RPA Administrator
P: 602 799-1252  (USA)

Fiona MacKenzie
Events Chair
P: +44 1309 691843 (Scotland)

Linsay Wilson
Conference Chair


Tabitha Twitchit
P: +44 1364 631171
Mobile: +44 7805 465126 (England)

Folusho Oshoko
P: +44 208 536-1036 (England)

Standing Committees Members

RPA Certification Committee / Certifying Board 

Chair: Sarah Gibbons
Members: Meryl Chodosh-Weiss and Isabel Thomas (board liaison)
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 3

Nominating Committee 

Members: Carolyn Winter and Susan Pie'

Membership Committee 

Members: Carolyn Winter and Sophia Avramides

RPA Journal Committee

Chair: Fiona Mackenzie
Members: Sophia Avramides, Mary Aldrich and Carolyn Winter


Projects Committees

Facebook Group 

Liaison:  Sophia Avramides 

Walking Our Talk

Members:  Linsay Wilson and Folusho Oshoko

Ebook Repatterning project Embrace Success - completed February 2018

Thanks to Fiona Mackenzie, Flavia Fuller, Heather Macabee, Folusho Oshoko, Tabitha Twitchit, Ellen Shapiro and Carolyn Winter for their efforts!

We are leaving the door open for additions to the repatterning!

Repatternings Live!

Members:  Carolyn Winter

RPA World Peace Hologram committee

Carolyn Winter
Phone: 1-800-685-2811 ext 2

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