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Get Certified! - The RPA Certification Process

The purpose of the RPA Certification process is that the Student Practitioner develops competence in repatterning and attains a high level of professional excellence. This means they are secure in their ability to be present for any client that comes to them for a session, are comfortable and fluent with the Resonance Repatterning® process, and are continually increasing their own coherence.

The RPA Certification journey gives Student Practitioners time and space to develop commitment to their own growth and continual development of coherence in their practice of Resonance Repatterning. Through being on the journey and in the process, Student Practitioners learn to practice at a high level of professional excellence which becomes an established way of being. The ability to attune to the client and put the client’s needs first and foremost happens naturally as the Student Practitioner moves along this path.

Summary of the Process

  1. Complete the required Resonance Repatterning Institute training and obtain the RRI Diploma
  2. Join the RPA as a Student Practitioner
    - Submit your RRI Diploma
    - Commit to and sign the RPA's Code of Ethics
    - Pay fees (including a one-time certification program enrollment fee)
  3. Log in and go to the Certification Support Center page
    - Download the manual and relevant forms
    - Access support resources like the Mentorship program
  4. Complete the Certification requirements
    a) Gain competence by completing self-sessions and sessions on others
    b) Demonstrate competence (Designated Observer observations)
    c) Complete 16 hours of Continuing Education Units annually
  5. Apply for Certification
  6. Maintain certification status with the RPA by meeting annual Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements

1.  Required Resonance Repatterning Training courses

The RPA approved training is provided by the Resonance Repatterning Institute

You will need to complete the following courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning
  2. Transforming Primary Patterns
  3. Transforming Unconscious Patterns
  4. Transforming Chakra Patterns
  5. Transforming Meridian Patterns

And obtain the RRI Diploma.

To register for these courses visit the Resonance Repatterning Institute for more information.

2.  Apply for RPA 'I Declare' Program and Become a Student Practitioner Membership

Join or upgrade your membership to Student Practitioner Member and pay the one time only certification enrollment fee.

E-mail a copy of your RRI Diploma (see step 1) to RPA Administration. 

Commit to and sign the RPA's Code of Ethics.

Your documents will be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive your login information. From this date forward your work counts towards your Certification journey. 

You are now ready to begin your RPA Certification journey.

3. Start Your Certification Program…

Log into your new Student Practitioner account on this website.

Go to the Certification Support Center page and download the Certification Manual and relevant forms. 

Become acquainted with the Student Practitioner support resources: Mentoring, discussion boards for asking questions and meeting other Student Practitioners, swapping program for exchanging sessions, Walking Our Talk monthly repatternings and more.

"I am receptive to the field of limitless energy that makes all things possible."

4.  Complete the Requirements 

a) Gain competence by completing self-sessions and sessions on others. Keep careful records of your sessions and session notes. Only sessions given and received after your enrolment as a Student Practitioner may be used to meet your Certification requirements. These requirements are as follows:

  • All twenty-six (26) repatternings done on self
  • Twenty (20), one-hour self-sessions
  • Fifty-five (55), one-hour sessions given to others
  • Five (5), one-hour sessions received from at least two different RPA Certified Practitioners

b) Demonstrate competence through being observed by an RPA Designated Observer (DO). See the Certification Support Center page for a list of current DOs.

c) Complete 16 hours of Continuing Education Units annually and report them using our CEU form to RPA Administration.

5. How to Apply for Certification 

Complete your certification requirements and submit your certification packet of documentation (as outlined in the manual) to the Certification Board for approval.

Upon notification of approval, apply for Certified Practitioner membership.

6.  Maintain Your Certification Status

Members who have met the criteria for certification, have been recommended to the Certification Board of the RPA, and have been approved are listed in our Certified Practitioner directory. Certified members maintain their status by:

  • Paying Annual Dues  
  • Completing and reporting Continuing Education Units (CEUs) according to our CEU policy

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