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Welcome to the RPA - Student Practitioner Certification Program


Welcome Message:      


Have you declared your intention to be certified?


Completed the Chakras and The Meridian and 5 Element


Paid the $125.00 Certification Program One Time Fee


Enrolled as a Student Practitioner Member or upgraded
from Student Membership Category


Have forwarded verification of required courses taken
 (signed teachers card)

Click Here to Join the Student Practitioner Certification Program "I-DECLARE" and start your process of certification.

If you are already registered and your account is approved by administration, please
( login ) to the program area where you may access...

- The Certification Manual outlining all requirements
- Related events
- Resources including audios and references as developed
- Student practitioner peer list
- Certification recommendation forms

Interested in becoming a certified practitioner?  Click here for information on "How to Enroll"  as well as...

- Purpose of the program and intentions
- Pre-Requisites
- How Much Does It Cost?
- Requirements for Maintaining Certification
- When Can I Start?

Just learning Resonance Repatterning? Join as a Student Member until you are eligible for the Student Practitioner Program.  Connect with peers in the resonance repatterning community through our membership email announcements, quarterly journal, teleconference calls and more.

Looking for the list of Designated Observers? - click here for our most up to date list of designated observers.

Looking for a list of Skills Development Classes to support your certification journey?  Check our Event Listings provided by the Designated Observers.

Questions?  Please Contact Us or Review Our FAQ list.

For program questions contact a volunteer from the Certification Board certification@RPAMembers.org  or 1-800-685-2811 Ext 3

For registration, website assistance or account details contact Administration at: rpa@RPAMembers.org  or 1-800-685-2811





Frequently Asked Questions

IDeclare Students continuing beyond 6/30/07:

For those students who declared prior to 6/30/07 and are continuing on their certification journey, there is no change in the process.  Continue working on the Phase II (gaining competence) and Phase III (demonstrating competence) requirement areas of the Certification Manual and maintain your RPA membership at the Student Practitioner level.  All of your prior work and completions still count provided that you maintain your student practitioner membership and annual course requirements!  

How Does a Meridian Student become a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner? Please see "How to Enroll"

Do my sessions prior to declaring my intention to certify count toward the certification requirements?
You may only count post-Meridian self-sessions and in-person client sessions toward certification requirements, if (1) You have paid your Student Practitioner Membership Fee and been approved for membership. (2) You have paid the Association Certification Program Fee and (3) the sessions are not taken from any of the advanced seminars (Relationships, Energetics of Relationships, Advanced Meridians I & II and Healing the Family System) and you’ve retained your notes for documentation purposes.  Only in-person sessions through Transforming Meridian Patterns count toward your certification requirements.  Phone sessions do not meet certification requirements except where allowed in the student trades. Proxy sessions do not meet the requirements. 

Where can I get more support on learning the repatternings presented in class?   Contact individual RPA Designated Observers for any coaching or study group programs they may be offering.

How can I promote my sessions while I am  a Student Practitioner. A Meridian Student Practitioner Member may refer to him/herself as a “Resonance Repatterning Student Practitioner.”

Student Practitioners may advertise using the Resonance Repatterning name and logo in printed materials and in electronic media provided the title “Resonance Repatterning Student Practitioner” is prominently and clearly displayed.